Old Tech


We also carry old technology for your business! Give us a call today on the old landline and we’ll give you quote on some of these handy “paper clips”.

Our new website is up and running!

Well, it took almost two years to get this thing together. There’s always been one thing or another ahead of it on the priorities list. But now it’s realized. Behold our new website! As for content, it’s a work in progress, but the guts are there and it’s up and running! ¬†Feel free to explore and give me some feed back if you’re so inclined.

In the future, We hope to post tutorials for common Sharp ECR problems and questions, POS walkthroughs and demos, as well as product manuals and literature. All that content will be searchable from the home page. But for now, we’re just tickled pink that it’s finally online.